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This Is My Story

I was Born in Ohio but Moved to Seattle at age 3. As A Kid I always loved music, my pops introduced me to it at a young age. He had a big record collection, Tape, Cds and Now Mp3's of Various Artist. I remember him playing Michael Jackson, New Edition, Luther Vandross, Rob Base, LL Cool J and Classics Like Marvin Gaye and Motown. 

My pops had one of the original Satellites  not the little direct t.v dish but (The Big Dish) so I could always catch Yo MtV Raps, and Rap City and a lot of music that I know Seattle didn't have since we were so far away from everything. I had dreams like all inspiring artist to get my music heard and be signed to a Major Label. Now I was truly a 80's Baby and a 90's Kid, those where my teen years.  When the 2000's hit there were new innovative ways to get your music out there. Sites like Myspace and Youtube was like the It thing of my time period, Napster was a free downloading sharing service I found out about where I could get instrumentals of hot songs that was popular at the time.

I would take like a 50 cent instrumental or a Fabolous song and Flip it with my lyrics then post it to see what people thought. I started to post my music on myspace and sites like - I started getting a lot of love and views. A major label affiliated with Bad Boy Records Called Next Selection contacted me on Myspace and said they heard my music and was interested in signing me. All I had to do is fly out to New York with my 3 song Demo and perform a song live in front of them.

They had the producers they wanted to team me up with, and I would also be managed under Ryan Leslie, all I had to do Is say Yes. You would think I would of jumped right on it, after all I worked so hard for this. After doing some research on how record deals usually are, and how they usually take a major amount of your royalties and copyrights, I decided to decline the offer. I told them Thank You For The Offer but I'll do this Independently. 

Ive been Independent Ever Since, I write all my own lyrics and make all own my music Independently. 


"Discover that New Chill Hop Sound, its just less aggressive "

                                                             - E-Styles

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